October 17-19, 2017 in Minneapolis        


RPG IV Programming


6 days (two 3-day blocks) or
5 days

Special note

This course is designed to run in two parts. Each part takes three days and is separated by an interval to provide an opportunity for the student to become more fluent in RPG before tackling the more advanced topics in part 2.

What the Course Covers

This course will teach the participants the basics of RPG IV coding, sufficient to enable them to write and maintain RPG IV programs.

How Can You Apply the Skills You Will Learn?

On completion of the course, participants should be able to code and debug simple RPG IV programs, both interactive and batch. Specifically the student will understand:
  • How data is stored and manipulated by RPG
  • RPG IV....coding structure, indicators, operation codes, etc.
  • Record retrieval operations
  • Workstation and printer file handling
  • Arrays
  • Program calling, prototyping and parameter passing
  • Structured programming techniques
  • Data structures and data areas
  • Data structure arrays
  • Using Dates, times and timestamps
  • Subfiles
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging

Who Should Attend

Programmers responsible for writing and/or maintaining RPG IV code. Part one is designed for programmers new to RPG. Part two may be attended by programmers with some experience of RPG IV who need to learn about more advanced features in RPG IV.


Before taking this course, a student should:


The following topics will be covered

Part I - 3 days
  • A brief history
  • Introduction
  • Coding RPG
  • Structured Operation Codes
  • Indicators and BIFs
  • Using Files in RPG
  • Interactive Debug
  • More Features and Screen Handling
  • More File Handling
  • Legacy RPG
Part II - 3 days
  • Advanced Data Declarations
    • Other Data Types
    • Arrays
    • Data Structures
    • Qualified Data Structures
    • Data Structure Arrays
    • Data Areas
    • Multiple Occurrence Data Structures
    • Reserved values
  • More Operation Codes
  • Subroutines & Modular Design
  • Call with Prototype
  • Subfiles
  • Date and Time Manipulation
  • Error Handling
  • More BIFs
  • Advanced Subfiles
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