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Paul Tuohy has written articles for a number of publications. Selected articles will open in a separate page/tab.

System i Network

Access to some of the articles in System i Network requires a free registration and access to others requires a paid registration.

RPG to the Web: The CGIDEV2 Way April 2008
Pattern Recognition: Adopting the Pattern October 2007
Externalize Database Processing March 2007
Considerations for a Successful ILE Implementation February 2007
Getting RPG Programmers to the Web September 2006
Print Owned IFS Objects for Any User Profile June 2004

MC Press Online

Those Weird and Wonderful Arrays May 2008
V6R1 RPG Enhancements February 2008
RPG's Persistent User Spaces December 2007
Using RPG in SQL September 2007
Feel Constrained! July 2007
Web Services for the Traditional RPG Programmer, Part II March 2007
Web Services for the Traditional RPG Programmer, Part I March 2007
Get a Clear Picture of Your Database May 2006

Access to requires a free registration.

SQL defined database: Enjoy the view February 2007
Embracing RPG IV December 2006
Free form RPG: Are you /FREE? October 2006
Qualified data structures: Why you should be using them August 2006
Compiler directives -- reap the benefits June 2006
Make the most of arrays April 2006
Coming to terms with call back February 2006
Getting started with CGIDEV2 -- Part 4 December 2005
Getting started with CGIDEV2 -- Part 3 September 2005
Getting started with CGIDEV2 -- Part 2 May 2005
Getting started with CGIDEV2 -- Part 1 March 2005
How does RPG talk to a browser? January 2005
The ins and outs of using constraints December 2004
SQL vs. DDS -- The good, the bad and the downright ugly November 2004
Take control of Query October 2004
Name that constraint September 2004
Exception/error handling in RPG -- Part 2 August 2004
Exception/error handling in RPG July 2004
The call of the prototype May 2004
Why service programs need binding source April 2004
The truth about indicators April 2004
Revisit your database naming conventions March 2004
Nine skills every RPG programmer should have December 2003

IT Jungle

A Snippet Above the Rest September 2007
Be Content with Content Assist February 2007

iSeries Experts Journal

Access to iSeries Experts Journal requires a paid registration.

Boost productivity up to 40% with RSE March 2006
Finding and utilizing APIs effectively, Part III January 2006
Finding and utilizing APIs effectively, Part II November 2005
Finding and utilizing APIs effectively, Part I September 2005
Reborn: CL enhancements in V5R3 enrich the language July 2005
APIs: Not always the answer May 2005
Beyond APIs: Enhance and develop applications with user spaces March 2005
Externalize file processing in RPG January 2005
ILE by example, Part II November 2004
ILE by example, Part I September 2004
Programmers: Reap the benefits of iSeries Navigator July 2004
Simplify data access with SQL and iSeries Navigator May 2004
Get up and running with CODE/400 March 2004

Articles about Paul Tuohy

Some articles may require a subscription to the site

Spotlight on Paul Tuohy: RPG's Abracadabra Man iSeries Network September 2005
He's a Magic Man eServer Magazine July 2005

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