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Paul Tuohy has written a couple of books, a self teach course and provided sample code for another book.

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Re-engineering RPG Legacy Applications

by Paul Tuohy

Re-engineering AS/400 Legacy Applications and companion CD ROM provide a tutorial aimed at showing you how to modernize your applications by taking you step by step through the re-engineering of a sample application. Author Paul Tuohy covers conversion of RPG IV programs, as well as re-engineering them to take full advantage of RPG IV and ILE. He also covers triggers, referential integrity, and APIs so that your applications can take advantage of all the new technology that is available today. This book will be a valuable aid as you evaluate your legacy applications and then move into re-engineering.

The Programmers Guide to iSeries Navigator

by Paul Tuohy

iSeries Navigator is a favorite tool of operators and administrators--who use it with great success but many programmers have missed the great programming tools that is provides! This book introduces you to iSeries Navigator along with all the powerful tools and interfaces that will expand your programming horizons. As iSeries applications continue to move toward a graphical user interface (GUI), so does the development environment. Programs such as CODE and WDSC may fill the need for the programming environment, but iSeries Navigator fills the programmer's need for general system access as well as database management and development.

iSeries Navigator for Programmers

by Paul Tuohy

iSeries Navigator is a powerful tool for programmers. It opens up new horizons and can help shorten the learning curve for new programming requirements, like the Integrated File System and SQL. Just as on green screen, the vast majority of features relate to operations and administration, but there are a number of key features targeted specifically at the programmer. This course is designed to introduce the programmer to these features.

Experts Guide to OS/400 and i5/OS Security

by Carol Woodbury and Patrick Botz

This comprehensive guide to OS/400 and i5/OS security is your one-stop resource for securing the information assets of your business. Written by two of the industry's most knowledgeable security experts, Carol Woodbury and IBM's Patrick Botz, this book is your ticket to a secure enterprise.

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