October 17-19, 2017 in Minneapolis        


Conference Sessions - Database

Navigate Your Database with Navigator

The i contains the most powerful database in existence. But what is the best way of setting up and administering your database?

In this session we will take a look at the two system supplied tools for defining and administering your database - Navigator for i and Systems Director Navigator for i. We will also have a look at some of the other available tools that you might find useful!

We will look at the following topics...

  • GUIs for defining tables, indexes and views
  • The power of Run SQL Scripts (who needs STRSQL?)
  • Get more than a picture of your database with Database Navigator
  • Tools for checking if your database is healthy

Introduction to SQL

SQL is a data language that may be used to create, control, access, and manipulate OS/400 databases. The data language is both simple to use and extremely powerful. Since it is the standard cross-platform language for accessing relational databases, it serves as a foundation for nearly all cross-platform and inter-language database access technologies, such as ODBC and JDBC. If you have been wondering what this language is like and what it can do, this session is for you.

I Didn't Know You Could Do That Using SQL

You have started to master SQL but you have a sneaky suspicion that there might be more to it.

In this session you will learn valuable and time saving techniques with SQL that let you avoid writing code. You will learn how to use SQL Subquery or Subselect in an SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or CREATE TABLE statement to reference multiple tables without having to do a join of the tables involved. You will see how to use CASE and UNION statements, Common Table Expressions (CTEs) and where to use Full Outer Join and Hidden Time Stamp columns.

This session is based on the SQL function available in V5R4, V6R1, and V7R1 of OS/400 or i5/OS, assumes you have a basic understanding of relational database concepts and SQL.

Triggers and Referential Integrity

This session discusses, in detail, two of the more powerful features of DB2 for i - Triggers and Referential Integrity. Both provide powerful means of implementing business rules and data integrity and are a requirement for any web enabled or client server development.

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