October 17-19, 2017 in Minneapolis        


Conference Sessions - Professional Development

Bring Your Life to Work

Paul Tuohy has been a successful I.T. professional for many years even though he started out as a magician. He describes himself as a magician who earns a living in the I.T industry.

Many of us treat our "real life" and our "work life" as separate entities that rarely, if ever, meet. And we are all more likely to bring our work home with us than we are to bring our home to work. Your real life can have obvious and subtle influences on your work life.

In this session, Paul discusses how being a magician influences his work and enlightens us with how you can bring your life to work - with a few demonstrations of pure magic along the way.

You Want Me to Learn What?

Have you ever wondered why it is that some things are easier to learn than others? Why do you find programming languages easy to learn but spoken languages nigh on impossible to learn? Why can you master electronics but cannot master the basics of knitting?

In this session Paul Tuohy takes a humorous and magical look at the factors that influence the way we learn and why there is more to learning then simple reading a book.

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